interview with a 6th grade girl

Thought I’d get some insight on life straight from the source…

Q: Do you think it’s better to get the latest video game console/computer/phone or to have an honest relationship with your parents? (BTW, I’ve seen people have great relationships with their parents without the honesty.) Why?

A: Personally, I’d rather have the honest relationship, because it makes me feel better and less anxious. That way I can ask for help with something without having to share a bunch of things that have already happened and risk getting in trouble. Also, that feels kind of like lying.

Q: How would you create your perfect day?

A: Um, well, huh…That’s hard!

Q: Why?

A: Because it’s not really what you do in a day that makes it perfect. It’s who you do it with and why you’re doing it. It could be going to that cool hot springs place in Idaho City, or it could be picking up trash in the side of the highway. It just depends on the people you’re spending it with.

Q: Dogs or cats?

A: Cats! Definitely.

Q: Why?

A: Well, there are a lot of cats that play fetch! (Laughs) And cats are softer. Also, dogs I don’t know make me nervous.

Q: New or thrift store?

A: Mom!! What is it? Clothes…makeup…

Q: (Laughing)

A: Because if it’s makeup, I definitely want it new!

Q: I agree! Gross! What about clothes?

A: Thrift store, except underwear. (Giggles.)

Q: What’s cooler? Doctor Who or comic book superheroes?

A: Doctor Who! Definitely!

Q: How to you react when asked a hard question? Is it better to be honest, or is it better to be agreeable?

A: Well, if I have to say anything, then I’d better be honest, because I’d eventually have to spill the beans. Even if it’s something as stupid as, “What’s your favorite cheese?” Even if you want to make someone feel good, eventually you’d probably slip and say the truth. Better to just be upfront in the beginning.

Q: Are you looking forward to being a teen?

A: Yes and no. Yes, because there are a lot of cute clothes (laughing), and I get to pick fun classes. No, because of everything else. Puberty…that’s everything else.

Q: Do you want coffee?

A: Decaf. And I like cold drinks better.

Q: You’ve done private school, dual-language classes, and a gifted program, and you’ve always been able to be in tiny classes. Would you rather be in a big class and hide out, or would you rather be in a small class and always get attention?

A: Small class with lots of attention!

Q: How’s my breath? [I just had coffee AND sharp cheddar…and she’s inching closer to me, so I breathed on her.]

A: It’s like bacon and coffee. It could be worse.

Q: Gilmore Girls?

A: Yeah.

long time – no post

Just when I decided to kick this blog up a notch, my world got crazy.

My business partner and I separated, I decided to start a whole new business in a new location (Free parking! Local artists and craftsmen! A new CPA! Why did I just order business cards for Illuminate?? Gah!), my daughter hit that lovely hormonal stage with bra talks, weepiness, etc., and my old cat Cleo started to show her age by getting sick, losing a third of her body weight, and looking very much like a kitty at the end of her days. That part, by the way, has really sucked.

Most of the summer, the one in which was planned many a camping trip and mountain bike ride along with taking the time to really recreate this blog, has become a John Hughes movie complete with ensemble cast, tears, alcohol, sleeping/anxiety meds, and a really great soundtrack. There’s a bit of heavy petting, a crazy relative or two, self-image issues, and the decision to keep the Oxford comma. Add to that the normal that is my blended family with exes and “other parents” and calendar dates that accidentally get saved as p.m. instead of a.m. and it’s a good time.



I really am determined to do something with this space I share with you. I have giveaways planned, pictures piling up of the work being put into the BENCH salon & gifts (my new shop located on Boise’s Bench, hence the name), something fun for the kids just in time for school (or Halloween…), and a great cooking page that is a collaboration with The Husband Guy. Just be patient with me, please. I promise we’ll have a great time once the dust settles.

Until then, enjoy this simple video to help relieve some neck and shoulder crankiness. It’s from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Yoga With Adriene. Trust me. You’ll love it.