Today was Day One of my personal 31 Days of Yoga. Soups (the cat) and I started the day with messy meditation and the great feeling that comes with pushing oneself. It wasn’t a major workout, but it felt good.

Moving my business and changing its format was stressful, and the whole process took me out of a yoga practice that I was rediscovering last spring and summer. A horrible excuse, I know…

It seems over the past 25 years that I’m always rediscovering yoga. It’s okay; yoga is patient. I’m grateful. So December, with all its busy-ness, will be a great time to bring yoga back into my daily life again. I encourage you to seek it out. I’m determined once-and-for-all to find my permanent practice.

keep trying new things

While thrifting, I stumbled on to a large canvas for only $5. It had been painted on, but I bought it anyway because I wanted to try something new and didn’t want to spend a million dollars on a large canvas.


So I got home, did all the normal things one has to do after work (plus extra), and finally got a chance to play.

With spray paint.


I saw a blurb a while back about an artist who started experimenting with spray paint and the idea stayed with me. I’m still working on this piece, but it felt kind of thrilling to be doing something far different than anything I’ve done in a while.

So here’s my challenge for you: Try something new tomorrow. Take a different route to work. Try a different food for lunch. Wear something brighter than normal. Something. Let yourself experience a new sensation.

Life is too short to not live passionately. Be bold.



I’m not sure what happened, but along the way I lost my drive. You know how Facebook has that memories feed? Well, I was supposed to have published a novel, bought another house (and remodeled it), and got down to the weight I was at 24. And that was supposed to have happened five years ago.

What happened, of course, was life. I started a business. I got divorced. I was a single parent. I fell in love. I remarried. I became a stepmom. I started a new business.

And life kept moving with all its ups and downs.

So what to do? Besides what I’ve done, like become increasingly more depressed that I didn’t meet and exceed those goals. If they were things I no longer cared about, I would shrug them off, but with each new memory I realize that I still carry those goals in my heart. I’d like to see my name on the spine of a book. I’d love to own a home again. And, yes, I’d love to feel confident in my own body. Each requires a lot of time to accomplish and I’m not a patient person, but I have only to look at friends who have done things like LOSE 100 POUNDS this year and publish not only one but FIVE novels, and I am encouraged to keep plodding along.

So I will even when it seems like it might be more fun to sleep in.