we’re all movers

We talk of movers and shakers as special beings, but we are all movers. I move hair from heads onto my floor. When I write, I move words from my head onto a page. Yogis move their bodies. Gamers move their characters.

And entrepreneurs move their visions of business from their hearts into reality. They don’t sit and wait.

Is this the year you’ve decided to take your vision and create something tangible from it? I encourage you to take even the smallest dream and move with it. Is your goal to make $500 extra a month or $5,000? I’ve talked with many business owners throughout the years. Many were the careful types – saving money or curating their credit until they could borrow what they needed. They sacrificed and took their time and made a carefully scripted plan. Many others, like me, jumped in and modified as needed.

Neither is better than the other, in my humble opinion, as long as you’re actively working, moving, to accomplish your goals. If your first goal is to increase your monthly income by $500 a month, what do you need to do? Make $16.70 more every day. If you only can devote weekends to your fledgling business, make $62.50 every Saturday and $62.50 every Sunday. Put anything extra you make into your business account. Actually start a business account.

Too simplistic? Maybe, but it works. Whenever I want to make more money, I look at that dollar amount and work from the starting point of “How many more haircuts do I need to do per day to get that?” It has always worked for me. How do I find those clients? The old-fashioned way – I ask my current clients to send them to me. I’ve done many other things: coupons, advertising, specials, etc. Nothing has worked as well as simply asking my current customers to help me. They have never failed to send me new people. An added bonus? I already know that those new clients will be likable and like-minded. After all, people I already like are evaluating them for me.

Maybe you own a store and want new customers. You want to sell one more tote bag each day to make $500 more a month. There are a lot of ways to get your current customers talking about you. I’ve watched my friends give away some pretty great freebies, knowing that their biggest fans will post to social media about it.

My friend Millie Hilgert is the perfect example of an entrepreneur that started out simple and grew her business from word-of-mouth. She started out selling her own handmade goods at the local downtown market; started expanding to art shows, specialty conventions, and Etsy; moved on to open a small store that included other local work in her art studio; and now has a bigger store in an up-and-coming area just off downtown Boise where she sells all of the above plus more. Her dressing room is the TARDIS – imagine how many people talk about that. She has been written up so much in local press that she’s considered “Boise famous.”

And here’s the thing: She isn’t afraid to ask people to talk about her. She gives them fun freebies. She invites them to use her space for creative meet-ups. She encourages them to tag her on social media. She gives them reasons to chat her and her store up. And they do.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to spread the word. Give them reasons to do so. Give away a few tote bags. Make them so great people will be stopping your customers on the sidewalk to ask where they found them. You’ll be making that extra $500 a month in no time. Then you can plan how to make another $500 a month for your bigger storefront.

Get your product out there and moving. Give your clients a reason to come back. Ask them to bring friends. Figure out how much you want to make and then make a plan. Chunk it down into daily goals. Work.





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