Ahhhh…It was a great day.

The Husband Guy was up early to get more food going (we started yesterday – that’s how big a deal this meal is to him) and the house smelled amazing all day. We ate with family and new friends. We listened to kids playing and laughing and running. We had waaaaay too many leftovers and a ton of dirty dishes. In a world where people are afraid and starving, I am very grateful for those dirty dishes. What a status symbol.

And, at the end of the day, I sat and thought about what else makes me grateful.

As always, I’m thankful to have my daughter. She’s kind and generous, loving and smart, beautiful and fun. Watching her get through this preteen crap is a little tough, but I’m grateful that she has the amazing friends that she has. Charlotte, Esther, Ella, Morgan, and Abby – thank you for taking care of her. You are special young women.

I have great friends, too. What a gift that is! I have friends from my childhood that help me remember from where I came. It’s always good to reflect on that. Thank you. I have a posse of women here in Boise that help me keep my head on straight. I have friends who don’t mind that I hug too hard and share too much. Whew! I have friends who answer if I text too late or too early. I’m grateful…and apologetic.

I have my fantastic business that allows me the time I need to be a good mother and wife. It’s fun and creative and every day that I work is full of stories. Thank you for that.

I have Tony. You know when you’re young and start dreaming about being in love? It took a long time to get that, but luckily I did. Really, it’s amazing – I can be such a bitch! Grumpy and sulking and determined to be sour. But he just kisses me and hugs me and loves me. He doesn’t see me that way, even when I’m throwing my worst at him. That’s love, isn’t it? When you see the best in someone even though they’re just being horrible? Besides Rhiannon, no one has ever loved me so well. I’m not sure if I deserve it, but I’m grateful and try to prove it to him as much as possible.

And I’m thankful for this weird little family that we’ve brought together. It’s not always easy. The conversations we have with the kids about “the importance of making up your own minds, even if it means disagreeing with us and other adults,” the struggle to make a routine out of this blended (and sometimes disconnected) group, the constantly having to prove that our love is unconditional, and the small gains after what feels like a huge amount of work can make it feel really heavy at times. Then again, it’s serious stuff raising the next generation, and I’m so very thankful for the opportunity. I wouldn’t change what we are creating for the world.

There are a lot of other things, but these are the biggies and it’s important that I get some cuddle time in with Rhiannon before she falls asleep.

Good night, all. I hope you had a memorable day with people you love.blessings





art, art, ART

One of the reasons I love my shop is that I have a venue to sell my own art/jewelry/weird stuff. The countdown to Christmas is here and so many of my artists and craftsmen are selling at different places and events, and I’m so happy for them, but I’m also trying to bring in enough new items to sell. With everyone running around busy, I decided, “GiGi,


So I’m working on Christmas ornaments and decorations to sell. It’s fun AND it’s getting me excited for the holidays.