self-employment is worth it

I get asked a lot about what it’s like to own my own business.

I always tell those who ask that I prefer it over being an employee, even though in the beginning it was scary worrying constantly about money (this never really goes away, either; it just adjusts itself on a wide spectrum). I also worked waaaaaay more hours than I did on someone else’s schedule when I first started.

The relationships you create are the most important part of it all, too, and not just because of the financial support. When there is no degree of separation between you and the client, you give more and the rewards are felt on a much greater scale. The client becomes part of your team, something you don’t necessarily feel when you’re working for someone else. It changes you forever.

Soon, I’ll be interviewing others who are also self-employed. You can find out what their worries and fears were (and ARE), and how they’ve used simplicity to grow their businesses. You’ll hear their stories. You won’t be able to help but be inspired, whether you are currently self-employed, thinking about it, or want to know how to incorporate an entrepreneurial spirit into your current job.

And I’ll also get some more hair tutorials up, I promise!


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