I’m not sure what happened, but along the way I lost my drive. You know how Facebook has that memories feed? Well, I was supposed to have published a novel, bought another house (and remodeled it), and got down to the weight I was at 24. And that was supposed to have happened five years ago.

What happened, of course, was life. I started a business. I got divorced. I was a single parent. I fell in love. I remarried. I became a stepmom. I started a new business.

And life kept moving with all its ups and downs.

So what to do? Besides what I’ve done, like become increasingly more depressed that I didn’t meet and exceed those goals. If they were things I no longer cared about, I would shrug them off, but with each new memory I realize that I still carry those goals in my heart. I’d like to see my name on the spine of a book. I’d love to own a home again. And, yes, I’d love to feel confident in my own body. Each requires a lot of time to accomplish and I’m not a patient person, but I have only to look at friends who have done things like LOSE 100 POUNDS this year and publish not only one but FIVE novels, and I am encouraged to keep plodding along.

So I will even when it seems like it might be more fun to sleep in.

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