self-employment is worth it

I get asked a lot about what it’s like to own my own business.

I always tell those who ask that I prefer it over being an employee, even though in the beginning it was scary worrying constantly about money (this never really goes away, either; it just adjusts itself on a wide spectrum). I also worked waaaaaay more hours than I did on someone else’s schedule when I first started.

The relationships you create are the most important part of it all, too, and not just because of the financial support. When there is no degree of separation between you and the client, you give more and the rewards are felt on a much greater scale. The client becomes part of your team, something you don’t necessarily feel when you’re working for someone else. It changes you forever.

Soon, I’ll be interviewing others who are also self-employed. You can find out what their worries and fears were (and ARE), and how they’ve used simplicity to grow their businesses. You’ll hear their stories. You won’t be able to help but be inspired, whether you are currently self-employed, thinking about it, or want to know how to incorporate an entrepreneurial spirit into your current job.

And I’ll also get some more hair tutorials up, I promise!


on politics


I love politics, but I’m tired of the fighting. I’m tired of the Us vs. Them thing. I’m tired of reading comments that say things like “all tea partiers are redneck assholes” (They’re not – I know and love people who proudly call themselves members.) and “fucktard liberals need to get shot” (Because they want to help refugees AND the homeless? Really?).

It’s discouraging. It makes me feel like we’re watching the beauty that is/was America come to end.

The richest corporations get tax cuts as incentive to keep their businesses here, but they turn around and send our jobs overseas. Who cares if their headquarters have a U.S. address? We need to work. We need to get away from Fox News and MSNBC and actually remember that we’re neighbors here. We need to stop off at the local dive bar, have a beer after work, and be able to brag about our kids. We need to bbq on the 4th of July and wear too much red, white, and blue. We don’t need to punch each other in the throat on Facebook anymore.

We need to make education and educators important in our PERSONAL lives. The politicians aren’t fixing it for us, so it’s time we become “WE THE PEOPLE” again and work with our kids and their teachers. Don’t love Common Core? No one cared for No Child Left Behind, either. We need to shrug our shoulders, mutter under our breaths, and help our kids with math. We need to ask the teachers to help us understand. We need to trust them. If we don’t, why are our kids still in their classrooms? Because we need daycare? Stop it – these are our kids!

Guns, no guns; abortions, no abortions – are these issues really affecting your every day existence? Why are you letting them make you hate your sister?? She loves guns, you had an abortion…just, please…you’re sisters! Sit down and have a conversation about it. Hug it out. Argue, but, my God, love each other.

Half of you are rolling your eyes, because I can get pretty pissy about politics on Facebook (It’s no secret that I dislike Donald Trump and am disillusioned with Hillary Clinton.), but I bitch after reading both sides, looking at the extremes, talking with my friends (and clients…), and making up my mind that I really feel a certain way. I don’t post a meme without checking its validity. If it’s not fact, then it’s just propoganda and nobody cares.

In fact, as I write this, I realize that no one will read this, either, because no one wants to read anything that isn’t all “Rah! Rah! My team rules!” I’m always up for a discussion, though, if you do.



Many people have said to me, “I’m not artistic.” I don’t buy it, though. Usually, these are the same people bringing me bread they make from scratch (wheat-free, too!) or posting photos onto Facebook that rival anything seen in magazines.

My theory? We’re all creative.

Don’t confuse creativity with the ability to quickly sketch your grandfather’s face, though. That would discourage 99 percent of the population from ever considering art. Maybe you’re the person who sets up a beautiful vegetable garden every year. Or maybe you’re the parent who always knows exactly what your kid’s class party needs. Or maybe you’re that person who always has the perfect outfit, down to your fingernails.

I work at the shop 8:00-3:30. I brighten up blondes and trim up necklines. It’s creative, but also very technical. I’ll be sharing some pictures and video of my work soon, too. You might get a little tutorial on what it takes to achieve a dutch braid on many types of hair – fine, thin, curly, thick – and I might get to show off how lucky I am to work in a field that is both artistic and scientific.

Today, I challenge you to make something – even if it’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

anniversaries’s Facebook page is four today!

The blog itself is much older and was once called Yogi Girl. I started it in 2004, while pregnant with Pooka. I deleted it rashly after someone left a scary comment. A few days later, I tried to recall it and someone had already taken the URL. All those words lost.


Back then I had a lot more readers and I sometimes mourn that relationship. Strange, huh? It was different than other social media; it had to be grown organically. Your computer didn’t willingly hand over your contact list and start making matches for you. When I shut it down for those few days, I missed them. They were international and living lives very different than my own. I was learning far more from them than they were from me. Every comment was treasured.

Here we are, though, at the end of 2015, and social media reigns supreme. We catch up with friends, get our news, and show off our moments with a touch a screen. It’s fantastic!

To celebrate, I’m giving away Joico shampoo and conditioner. Contact me and I’ll add you to the list of potential winners.

Good luck!

keep trying new things

While thrifting, I stumbled on to a large canvas for only $5. It had been painted on, but I bought it anyway because I wanted to try something new and didn’t want to spend a million dollars on a large canvas.


So I got home, did all the normal things one has to do after work (plus extra), and finally got a chance to play.

With spray paint.


I saw a blurb a while back about an artist who started experimenting with spray paint and the idea stayed with me. I’m still working on this piece, but it felt kind of thrilling to be doing something far different than anything I’ve done in a while.

So here’s my challenge for you: Try something new tomorrow. Take a different route to work. Try a different food for lunch. Wear something brighter than normal. Something. Let yourself experience a new sensation.

Life is too short to not live passionately. Be bold.