It’s official! I’m the room parent for Pooka’s class! I get to plan some fun parties and assist her teacher in any way she’ll let me, and I’m excited.

I’m grateful every day that she gets to be in this special class full of other gifted kids with
a teacher who is trained to meet their special needs. I’m grateful that Rhiannon doesn’t quite grasp how lucky she actually is for this opportunity. I’m grateful she can take it for granted, especially when #62milliongirls in the world don’t get even the most basic education.

It should be a human right to know how to read and write. Without the chance to learn, how can one ever rise above?

Do what you can. Get books into the hands of ALL the kids you know. Vote for those that would feed both a child’s body AND her mind. The world deserves no less than the brightest.


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