I love you. You were an amazing companion. We met in my 20s, you were there through my 30s, and you saw me into my 40s. I loved you the first moment we met.

The past few weeks without you were (luckily) full of getting the BENCH set up and the kids back in school and meeting with artists to get the shop organized, so I had things to focus on. Still, when I have calm moments, I think about you. Sometimes I forget, think I see you out of the corner of my eye, and then I remember and weep a bit. You are so missed.

Soups is doing his best to love on me. He even started talking, something he never did while you were alive. He sleeps most of the night right next to me, so you don’t need to worry. He’s a great cuddler, too, as is Tony, so I’m not lonely. I promise. The first few days without you, Soups searched for you, looking at me as if asking, “Where did that other cat go?”


The BENCH is coming together. I hung the painting I did of you there, so you’re always around reminding me that I’m loved. I’m proud of how the shop is turning out, too. Slowly it is becoming exactly what I knew it could be: warm, welcoming, beautiful. It’ll get there.

The kids are back in school. They have really fantastic teachers this year. I started volunteering in Pooka’s class helping with art and discussion. I love it, as you know. She’s doing a piece about you for Dias de los Muertos. You’re on her mind a lot. Sometimes we talk about you. We both cry a little, but we know you were hurting and we can’t regret the decision to let you go.

It’s been so busy these past few weeks. I haven’t written much, but that will change as I get a better routine. Sometimes I sit on the big red sofa at the BENCH and talk to your painting. It would probably be better if I just wrote things out again, though.

Well, I hope to get a dream visit soon, Cleo, but until then know that you are always in my heart.

~ Me

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