The June 2014 issue of Inc. – The Art of the Pivot – is making me feel empowered. My new shop, the BENCH salon & gifts, is just part of my goal to commit to continuous improvement, something every business owner understands.

My friend Millie Hilgert, a.k.a. Miss Courageous, started an Etsy store years ago, became the darling of Boise’s Saturday market, helped start a store with many members, decided to create her own small shop and then recently moved and restructured that. She knows what it is to pivot.

Another friend owns a small coffee shop. While I have to keep her plans more on the down-low, she has been working on an expansion and possibly a mobile business. With food trucks as popular as they are, her plans sound like the best kind of pivot!

Randy Sandknop started as a client and quickly became a close friend. Recently retired, she is taking her Practice Happiness idea and morphing it from part-time to big time, sharing her life and her photography (see The Story In Your Face). Major pivot!

I’m watching friends change careers, buy franchises, and graduate from college in their 40s and 50s. While many whine about life, these people are inspiring others to make huge changes.


It’s all about reinvention.


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