unlearning bad habits

stop making exceptionsToday I asked my FB friends, “If you leave your car unlocked, do you deserve to be robbed?” Most said no. Some added, “But don’t be surprised.” I was attempting a metaphor. Picture a friend who knows you keep your car unlocked and is slowly stealing your cds until she just decides to take the whole damn stereo and then yells at you when you confront her red-handed.

I think I need to reassess my life. I tend to trust people until they prove they can’t be trusted. If I’m on a quest to simplify my life and create more happiness, I think I need to be a bit more wary. That might sound negative, but I don’t mean it to be. One friend used the word “boundaries” when I mentioned this. That’s perfect.

So let’s discuss boundaries. You know how people are always saying kids need them? Well, I think everyone does. When you fight with your spouse it’s generally because one of you has crossed a threshold, right? And you probably know exactly what that line is. There’s that half-second when you burst past it when you just know that the rest of the evening is not going to be pretty. Your patience with your kids? It’s immense…until it isn’t. Right? And then you explain (or yell) what your expectations are. That’s how families survive.

You know what you can handle and you share it with those that have to live with you. Or you don’t live together long.

On my quest for greater peace and happiness – a simpler existence – I am learning that I need to be very plain in what I will and won’t accept, even with people that don’t live with me. I have not always been so good. Like I wrote in an earlier post, I have to stop avoiding situations. Even little things can mean something bigger is happening. Who knew I was so dense? Not me.

An example of my new wisdom? If someone is constantly having to make excuses, I’m out. Not 15 years or ten years or three. Done. Right. Now. I’m paying attention, World! You won’t fool me again!

What I’m saying is that bangs might be better than BOTOX®, but if they’re in your eyes, you’re going to miss some important clues that your life is about to get uncomfortable. Trim those bitches and take a good look at what is happening around you.

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