This time last year I was filming a full-length feature film here in Idaho. It was…a life-changer. After years of not acting, I got to prove to myself that I was still capable of fighting and laughing and crying on demand. Mostly I learned that I am more than a mom, wife and business owner. I was still GiGi underneath everything.

Retreat is the story of a group of friends reuniting on the fifth anniversary of a good friend’s death. Sound like something you’ve seen before? Nope. This story is unique. The characters are real and flawed and beautiful.

During post-production (the actual editing of the film), the couple that owned the production company divorced after over a decade together. They took a few weeks to let the dust settle and then they went back to work. Stephanie and Gene are fantastic people who would never let the dissolution of their marriage detract from the vision they have as a production company. I respect them and wouldn’t have been surprised if they had sent a memo stating, “We can’t.” I mean, I’ve been through two divorces; I know how hard separations are. But, no. They continue to piece together the work we did. I love them for it. We all shared an amazing experience together and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.14897_809008709143965_1850101288294301693_n 936092_809008985810604_8170542900682358956_n 1551486_807406729304163_4969472944040718008_n 10342011_10204245553039980_5689513179278688016_n 10352741_10202772673970462_8514373509432736921_n 10366046_819562411421928_934153362763158458_n 10404213_808179885893514_8254395632286437015_n 10425168_10152465494978085_7805909981480098729_n 10443547_808179695893533_1197422946553337137_n 10446698_10152594439455802_588542430492301942_n 10472878_807406635970839_7259416175355028425_n 10480189_10204207944459789_906783835228900879_n 10509674_819562104755292_3535138562398006850_n 10515335_789385531106283_6273566014162007230_o 10525998_807406459304190_60678458079754043_n 10527519_808179359226900_7690079290937860672_n 10557348_808179499226886_3338958197650208923_n 10565214_10152662798445802_2951888654521235584_n 10570532_808179562560213_4922865138482894866_n 10629571_819562594755243_7099470198286484586_n

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