a glance back

a glance back
“a glance back” by GiGi Huntley

Sometimes I put together something and it doesn’t matter how many hours I spend on it, it just doesn’t look right. Other times, a few minutes makes something that really pleases me. This painting started as a not-so-great collage and ended with me impatiently brushing away everything that was wrong until this remained. I’m calling it done. I kind of love it.

Friendship is like that. Sometimes you spend a lot of time cultivating a relationship only to have it be a mess, and sometimes you meet a soulmate and it’s easy and right.

This week, without me asking, two friends volunteered to have Pooka spend time with them so I wouldn’t have to pay for camp or have her just sitting at Illuminate watching her Kindle. She had the best time with both of them, doing things she enjoys and learning new favorites like gin rummy and how to plant cacti. Once I decided to focus on the relationships that are true, the others faded away, taking their pain with them. All that remains is this wonderful group of women. At this moment, I feel nothing but peace.

Well, and the need to head to bed. Good night, internet.

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