Watching Pooka learn some new art techniques makes me realize what I need to do: Stay focused, learn something new and push through the frustration.

The past couple of weeks have brought…changes. I no longer have my business partner – which brings with it new challenges and stresses – and the X, who disappears for months and then shows up demanding time that Pooka is too stressed to give, has reappeared and is, you know, demanding time that Pooka is too stressed to give. He thinks it’s me, so he sends me hours of harassing texts, has his girlfriend leave me messages telling me what a horrible person I am, and only quiets when I tell him I have contacted my (very expensive) attorney. So I am also about to become heavily involved in the legal process from two different angles, which costs money…that I need for my daughter (the X is currently on a not-paying-support cycle) and my business (I am very grateful for the amazingly supportive stylists at Illuminate).

Yay. Life has me juggling knives.

The stress has helped me lose six pounds, though. Regular visits with my doctor, 1200 calories a day, 30-60 minutes of exercise every morning, Weight Watchers, 20 grams of carbs a day and even medication over the last eight months didn’t help me lose even one pound, but the stress of the last few weeks has me losing weight. Go figure. Apparently there is something to “fat and happy” after all.

So, yeah. Focus.

Time for me to be glad I had those few wonderful months in which I was able to work Sunday through Wednesday as I ramp up my salon schedule, take on more content marketing work and maybe even finish a book that anyone might give a damn about.

Somehow, everything always works out.

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